Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Beautiful life

I was looking back at my blog posts and just realised one thing. Things have changed so fast. I didn't even realise how my life has shifted this far. Never thought I could reach this far. And I realised how perfect God's plans are. It has been such a beautiful and meaningful life. He's been giving me tests and obstacles just to let me know how life is not easy when I want to succeed. He's been telling me that life is not meant to be wasted but it is meant to be lived. He let me meet different people in my journey of life just to teach me how important it is to learn from others. He let me feel sad just to let me realise that He is always there for me. He let me feel happy just to let me learn how to appreciate. Sometimes, He does not grant my wishes because He has better plans for me. Most of the time, He grants me my wishes because He knows that's what I need. I can't be more than thankful for this beautiful life. I know, we have different journeys, different experience, different lives but we have one thing. God is always there for us. He's never left us. Pray. Believe. Have faith. That's all. And life is beautiful (if we choose to see it that way). 

Monday, February 18, 2013


Makin hari, hati ini makin banyak diuji. Dan makin hari, hati ini makin banyak menerima tekanan dari luar. Sebelum ini, aku masih dapat menghadapi semuanya dengan tenang. Tapi entah mengapa malam ini, ingin saja rasanya airmata ini mengalir. Namun ia bagaikan tidak mau keluar. Sudah puas ku paksa tapi tidak berhasil. Mungkin sebab airmata ini sudah sering mengalir suatu ketika dulu. Terlalu banyak berdukacita sehingga aku sendiri sudah terlalu letih untuk melayan semua perasaan sedih macam ini. I've been telling myself to stay strong inside, stay positive. I don't know if it's me or my surroundings but I am feeling a bit depressed lately. And somehow I feel like I am losing something in my heart. I don't know what it is exactly but it seriously makes me feel empty... Duhai hati, bersabarlah. Bertenanglah. Ini hanya ujian untukmu mendekatkan diri pada-Nya. Esok mentari akan kembali bersinar. 

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Miracles do happen

Miracles do happen. If you believe enough in them. God may not grant all our wishes but we must be certain that He NEVER make mistakes. He knows what's best for us. He does not give us what we want but He gives us what we NEED. We may want someone in our life but that someone may not be the person we need. We may be dying to be with that someone but God does not give us that person because He knows there are others who will give us the real love that we actually need, without us realising it in the first place.

I've never imagined myself having a big family in Malaysia until I met them last year. It is all because of Zizan. Thank You God because you send Zizan to us. He may not realise how he's been shining our lives with his amazing spirits but... Yeah, we love you Zizan. I, myself, have never even realised I need them sisters before this. My Malaysian sisters have given me a new hope, a new inspiration and a new strength in this life. Alhamdulillah, I have got a loving and supporting family, an understanding and loving group of friends (yes, the An-Nisaa) and I am always surrounded by the people I love. Now, I have more friends (a.k.a. family) outside of Brunei! And they are my sisters, too :) Not to mention Zizan himself, our beloved. I can't be more than thankful to God for giving me all these wonderful people in my life. They are my true love and inspiration. God knows I need true strength and inspiration throughout my journey of life and He gives me just the perfect people. Alhamdulillah~

For my parents,
Thank you so much,
I love you more than I love myself,
I promise I will make you happy always until my last breath.

For my siblings,
Thank you so much,
You are my laughs and happiness,
(Though you can be pretty annoying sometimes, haha)

For the An-Nisaa,
Thank you so much,
For being the most wonderful friends I could ever have,
I love you girls deeply (from the bottom of my heart)

For the ZTF sisters (and brothers),
Thank you so much,
For the love and smiles we share until now,
May our family bond stays forever (and ever)

For Zizan Razak,
Thank you so much,
For the inspiration you've given to me,
May God bless you always (Amin).

Monday, February 04, 2013

Hi February

Hi February! It's been a loooong time since I last uploaded the last post. I am entering the 5th week for my second semester now and so far, I've gone through such a wonderful month :) My classes have been fun and enjoyable that I always wake up feeling happy everyday. I am loving my classes, seriously :) And I'll make sure this feeling will always be there.

Anyhow, today, the ZTF sisters held the 2nd Paper Party for Zizan, our beloved. And last night, they were attending Lawak Minggu Ini's studio recording featuring Zizan and friends. Though I was not there physically, but I could feel their excitement! I was feeling the vibe till this evening until I saw their pictures uploaded. Then I had this feeling in my heart. It was inexplicable that I had tears running down my cheeks. I realised something. Yes, I miss them. Very much! Last night, Zizan uploaded his picture at The Curve and today my sisters, too, uploaded their pictures... I felt sooo happy seeing them being able to meet up with each other again :') And suddenly all the memories came back. Our sweet memories. If only I could go there immediately. If only I could see them very soon. If only... :'] Dear sisters, you know who you are. I love you so much that I have you in my heart wherever I go. You are my smile, you are my inspiration. I can only send you my prayers whenever I miss you. Sending you all hugs and kisses over the ocean. xoxo

Especially dedicated to : Kak Needa, Kak Nurul, Kak Yan, Kak Far, Iyka, Zati, Ain, Aida, Nano, Ika and the rest of the family who came that night. Love unites us all.