Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Bila mata susah mau tidur

Selamat mentuwong. Buai dah andih kuh update entri mok blog kuh atih. Been busy lately. Macam paya' rasoh oh kan nggium peluang update blog. Taman mentuwong atih kuji aroh peluang kan update. Noh pun dah kuji andih kalap modop. Antah puro mentuwong dah kuji modop aher... Aisehmen... Bahasa Dusun tu~~ Hehehehe~ ^_^ Proud of my native language, ok... :D

Anyhow, sedar tak sedar, dah hampir hujung bulan Mei. Tak sangka kan? Terasa masa itu cepat berlalu. Bulan Rejab pun tak lama lagi habis. Ramadhan, bulan yang dinantikan sudah semakin hampir. Apakah usahaku selama ini untuk meningkatkan diri sudah banyak...? Hm... Adakalanya aku termenung memikirkan hal ehwal hidupku sendiri. Memikirkan berapa banyak yang telah ku lalui selama aku bernafas di bumi ini. Tidak ku nafikan, aku telah banyak mengalami perubahan demi perubahan dan banyak belajar dari pelbagai pengalaman yang aku hadapi. Alhamdulillah, sehingga sekarang, aku masih seperti dulu. Tetap seorang gadis desa... (Aiseymen...) Dan sentiasa belajar dan belajar untuk meningkatkan diri... Hehehe ;) I believe, whatever it is that I am having now is rahmat dan rezeki dariNya... 

Alhamdulillah, aku kuat, dengan pertolonganNya jua. Setiap kali aku berhadapan dengan masalah, aku selalu mengingatkan diriku agar sentiasa bersikap tenang dan tidak gelabah (cos' I tend to be a gelabah person). Daripada tenang itulah minda dan fikiran akan berjalan dengan lancar dan tindakan yang diambil pun rasional dan wajar, kan? :) Dan yang paling kuat sekali ialah do'a. Jangan pernah berhenti berdoa (dan berusaha, of course). Do'a dengan penuh ikhlas akan membawa kepada ketenangan, dan insya Allah, jalan penyelesaian. I've been there :) So, jangan diremehkan kekuatan do'a. Berdo'a di setiap waktu; both kelapangan dan kesusahan. Insya Allah, hati akan sentiasa tenang and more rezeki will come. For He is the perfect planner :) -n-

Sunday, May 19, 2013

And my super awesome day went like this...

It was almost midnight and I was still downstairs, in the living room. Holding my iPad and my phone while watching the Spiderman 2. I had a quarter glass of Coke that night and I was still fully awake. It must be the caffeine. Everyone was already asleep. My mind was so blank and I just didn't know what to do. So, I went to Pinterest. And guess what I was pinning? James Franco. Hahahaha ^_^ 

Midnight. And I already saw some mentions there in my Twitter account. And received some Whatsapp messages. I went through them and left my Twitter as I saw more and more mentions appeared. I decided to let it be my birthday surprise for the next morning. I read some more on my Twitter before I put my iPad away and already I was in tears. Those messages were so sweet and so...sincere. I was touched :') I stopped and went on with Spiderman 2 for the rest of the night. I was texting happily with some people too on that night; my cuz (Bang Nak), my friends and my ZT family.  It was Zati I was texting with when I cried again. I was all in tears, not because I was sad but I felt...blessed :') Blessed with all the wonderful people in my life. Terus sakit kepala malam tu sebab nangis. Hahaha ^_^ 

Morning. I woke up early and went to my usual daily routine. Laundry, feeding the cats, kitchen stuffs and more... Since I'm currently in my 3 month holiday before starting my final semester, I dedicate this time for my family. Plus, my cuz is getting married in June. Many stuffs are to be done for that big day. Ok, back to my morning. It was a usual morning for me. I had a simple breakfast with my favourite hazelnut cappuccino with my favourite pink mug. It was really a wonderful morning. Then, I went off to sending Mummy to her office. Even Mummy sang me a Birthday song in the car. Thanks Mum. She told me that I was born at 12:05 pm. The only exact time she remembered because it was her first experience of delivering a baby. :') I love you Mummy.

Back at home, I went back to my Twitter and there they were...wishes and prayers...and more.. :') The feeling was inexplicable. All I could say was, "Ya Allah, bless them...bless all these wonderful people You give to me...I love them all so much" Whatsapp, Instagram and Facebook messages were coming in too...I even received some through Wechat and Keek! Some of them dedicated pictures to me. Tak sangka ada peminat. Hehehe :p I felt so merry :') Never I had this merry birthday experience before :') At almost 10:30 am, I went out with my sister to do some small shopping. We even bought ourselves a Drive M7 energy drink each and went home before noon.

Noon. My cousin and his friend came to our house. His car broke down somewhere in Jalan Beribi because of car battery problem. They had lunch in our house. It was kinda awkward because he never came to our house before and I don't really talk to him... But, he wished me a Happy Birthday ^_^ Thanks cuz! It was almost 1:30 pm when me and my sister went out to the Mall Gadong for a date with our beloved Aunt Nining. We spent the whole afternoon window shopping and enjoying ice cream and smoothie treats from my aunt. She gave me a birthday present too! It was a pair of chromatic pants and it was mint green in colour. I soooooo love it!!!! Thank you so much aunt!! :D :D It was really a beautiful time I had with my aunt <3 <3 <3 I've never spent my birthday with her before and somehow this year, God gave me the perfect time to hang out with my aunt. Alhamdulillah. 

Evening. My parents balik kampung so it was just me, my sister and brother left at home. I decided to take my sibs out for a birthday dinner treat. So, we went to the nearest KFC in town and enjoyed our quiet dinner time there. It was a beautiful weather that night. We spent some more time in Bandar just jalan-jalan and breathing in some fresh air. It rained in the early evening, so the weather felt cool and breezy after that. Bandar was so quiet and peaceful. Everything seemed so perfect and beautiful. And all I felt at that moment was just the feelings of gratitude and peaceful inside. We went home before 10 pm.

Late night. I went through all messages; all the wishes and prayers from everyone. I could not think of anything else but to pray for each of them. I believe do'a is the best gift a person can ever give to another person. And this year, I received the best presents ever. Do'a. A lot of do'a. :') Which made me felt so happy and just...full of bliss.

Ya Allah, semoga Engkau rahmati semua mereka yang aku sayangi; keluargaku, sahabat-sahabatku, yang jauh dan yang dekat, serta semua ZTF yang kami sayangi :) Semoga setiap apa yang mereka kerjakan akan mendapat berkat dan rahmat dariMu jua. Amin~ <3 <3 <3

It was indeed a super awesome day for me. I can't be more than thankful for that day :') And I woke up the next day feeling as fresh as a daisy ;) -n-

My birth date and time.
Beautiful and peaceful Bandar

Kak Needa, it's the lucky charms we never knew we have. Just like Zan's.