Monday, April 21, 2014

Pertemuan dan perpisahan

Hi :) It's already 21st of April... 9 days to go...and I am off to a new direction in life. Since I first received the (good) news, up till today, hatiku rasa mixed semacam. Happy and sad at the same time... Oh well, life must go on. Change is good. Stagnant is boring. That's how I view life. Apapun yang terjadi, semuanya ada hikmahnya. My big brother pernah pesan, "Kita yang pilih jalan ni. Kita play lah ngan game yang kite pilih" I totally love his words. It's deep and meaningful :) And I just thought about this tadi --> We meet different people for different reasons. When it's time for us to get separated, it means that our journey and lessons with that person are done. Whatever we need from each other is already completed. So, whatever we have left is what we have learnt. And it is up to us to learn whatever we need to learn and treasure all the memories and lessons we want to keep. So, it is important for us to know who to keep and who to let go in life. And appreciate those people yang masih tetap ada bersama kita sebab kita takkan tahu bila masanya kita akan berpisah dengan mereka... :)

Anyway, sedikit update from the ZTF a.k.a. Zizan's True Fans. Our Family Night bersama Zizan Razak on the 15th April was a success! Zizan was happy, everyone was happy :) Though I wasn't there with them but I could feel the love. I am happpy sebab we really really made Zizan happy. And now, the ZTF sisters are up to one more level. We are getting closer each day. Walaupun banyak dugaan dan rintangan yang mendatang, namun dengan adanya semangat and sokongan for each other, we are standing strong.  Even Zizan sendiri pun yang bagi sokongan buat kami semua. Thank you big brother for being there for us. We love you. I love you :) hikmah di sebalik setiap pertemuan itu membawa kepada sesuatu yang lebih besar lagi...? I don't know what will happen in the future. None of us knows. But with whatever we have now, the ZTF sisters will stay as a family. For Zizan, for us and for everyone who wants to spread the same love.

So...tomorrow...will be a new day. There will be new stories, new beginnings and new journeys as well as new dreams :) Each and every day, I feel happier. Alhamdulillah sebab Tuhan anugerahkan perasaan ini ke dalam hatiku walaupun hanya aku seorang saja yang dapat merasainya. Namun aku mencuba sedaya upayaku untuk berkongsi rasa happy ini dengan orang lain 'cos I want other people to feel happy too! How I wish I could share this with someone else.... :)

Okie, that's all for tonight :) Good night! 'til next time~ <3

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