Wednesday, November 23, 2011

I am in love with ...

Hi!! :D Today I feel like smiling and smiling and smiling~ Hatiku dipenuhi dengan rasa cinta. Rasa kasih. Dan rasa sayang. Penuh bunga-bunga yang berkembangan dan harum semerbak. I feel like jatuh cinta kali pertama. :) I feel beautiful too :) and yes, I feel so..much lighter. Alhamdulillah... Thank You God. For giving me this feeling. Oh, you're asking me why am I happy? I have no specific reason why. But I choose to be happy and God gives me this beautiful feeling. Though there's nothing much happening around me but I want to be happy. In fact, I decided to be happy. It's really a blissful feeling. Thank You again God sebab beri kesempatan untuk aku berasa happy :) Nda semestinya tani depends on others to be happy kan? It's a matter of choice. And I choose to be happy. And now I am happy :D

Oh, and guess what? I am in love with Afgan, that Indonesian singer with the beautiful voice. *in cloud 9* Aahh..I am addicted to his songs..He's kinda cute too :D Hehe.. His songs inject more doses of happiness into my bloodstream. I should say I am high in serotonin. LOL :D Apapun, I want to radiate my happiness to others around me. Hoping that others will feel happy too. And I hope anyone's reading this is feeling happy too :D :D

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