Monday, December 05, 2011

An Amazing Weekend Indeed!

Hi :) It's been a long time since I've last posted. I was kinda busy...and didn't really have time to post. Anyhow, I started my week last Monday without expecting anything for the rest of the week. I was actually testing myself. What will happen if I started my week expecting bad things to happen and having negative thinking in my head. Kali, for almost 1 day and a half (that's till Tuesday morning), I felt really-really down and depressed. That's when I decided to change my thinking. I expected good things will appear and wa-la! :D I ended up with quite an amazing weekend! *so much for the law of attraction :D

Friday, 2nd December 2011
I went out with Mummy, Moni and Soni in the afternoon. Kami jalan-jalan sebab boring di rumah. Babah was busy with Kejohanan Piala Borneo Bolasepak 5 orang Sepasukan di Stadium Negara Hassanal Bolkiah. We did went to the stadium to witness the Opening Ceremony..tapi only for a while sebab hujan. At 5:30 pm, we went to fetch Adik from his work. It was a rainy afternoon which continued until the evening. From Kiulap, we went to the Times Square for an early dinner at the Food Court. That was my first time dining in at that place, which was...kinda okay-but-not-really-my-place... After that, kami spent more time jalan-jalan inside that building. Ramai orang that night because there was HSBC event, with dJ Izan as the host. Oh, there was a robot mascot too! ;) We spent around 1 hour di sana, then went to the not-yet-opened Airport Mall, just to take a good glimpse of how the building looked like. We still had the feeling of not wanting to go home. and it was already 830 pm. And we decided to go to the stadium to watch the football matches. It was raining but it didn't stop the players to play enthusiastically. It was fun watching them, though I was already feeling exhausted. All I thought was going to bed. Around 10 pm, we went home.

Saturday, 3rd December 2011
After lunch, my siblings and me went out, again. We first went to Dr. Amir's Clinic to purchase some meds for my Nenek. After that, we went to The Mall, Gadong to pay off some bills. Adik then bawa us to K-Box and we spent 1 hour karaoke-ing. Ah, that was so FUN! Walaupun segala pitching lari, tapi syok jua :D Sampai sakit leher ku nyanyi. Haha :D Dah kami kenalehan sorang-sorang, then we went to the Coffee Zone to have high tea. It was really a relaxing environment di sana. With the Christmas spirit and deco-s, some accoustic songs played and a cool cool weather, kami 4 orang spent such a good quality time together di sana :)

In the evening, kami went out again with my Mum. We had dinner at Aminah Arif Kiulap with 2 sets of Ambuyat. *mm-mm. That was super delicious! Dengan cacahnya, daging & urat, ikan goreng... *mm-mm~ Nda nampak telinga. Ehehe :D Pas dari sana, kami went to Hua Ho Manggis..Just jalan-jalan. Sebab nada mood kan balik rumah. Ahaha :D Though everyone was already ayung, tapi masih ada semangat kan jalan-jalan. We reached home at 10 pm. Our neighbours masa tu masih lagi rancak berkaraoke. Ya lah, rumah pengantin laki di depan, rumah pengantin perempuan di belakang. Dua-dua tah jua rancak berkaraoke. Hoho.. Malam tu, saya cuma tidur-tidur ayam...

Sunday, 4th December 2011
Appointment dengan Elda was at 10:30 am di Empire Hotel...I reached there at 10:15 am. Semangat. Haha :D Kami carpooled to go to Arni's wedding that morning :D I was actually feeling happy and at the same time, nervous. Ntah kenapa kah ia. Hoho~ We reached Arni's place 15 minutes earlier than the jemputan started. Hehe :D We waited lah for 15 minutes, then baru turun. We went dalam rumah terus, jumpa Arni. Dia masih dalam proses pemekapan, so kami pun tinggalkan dia lah. Just sitting and chatting di kem. Macam banyaknya orang 'senior' saja kan and none that I know. After makan, we waited for Pengantin Lelaki to arrive. We witnessed Upacara Basuh Batis. Oh, they both looked gorgeous! :D :D Arni LAWA!! :D :D Hee.

After balik dari tempat si Arni, aku and Elda spent the afternoon jalan-jalan. We went to the Empire cinema to check out for Ombak Rindu, which the receptionist said "Oh sorry, we don't play Malay movies here" dengan muka kambangnya. *nyeh. Then, we went to the Seri Qlap Mall. Pun sama nada. We ended up filling up our empty tummies, oh, Elda's rather, at the Excapade Qlap. Atu pun after knowing Regent Square's tutup. Hoho.. Dah tu, we went to the Mall Gadong coz' I've to ambil booked Ombak Rindu tickets by Sut :D Yay! It was 530 pm when me and Elda reached the Empire Hotel. Oh, I drove for the whole day :D Hehe.. and dah sampai rumah, I was all tired and badan pun semua sengal-sengal. Sampai minta urut rah Mummy before tidur. Hahaha

And yes, that's how my weekend went. Interesting? Yea..sadang..tapi I had FUN! :D :D and tonight, I'm gonna watch Ombak Rindu with my lovelies!!! :D :D

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