Friday, January 20, 2012


Hi. I am now watching Raja Lawak 6 while typing. Nak tengok Jozan je sebenarnya. I am supposed to be at the ICC tonight. Attending a friend's wedding. Tapi I just didn't. Got a family date jua. Plus...tiada denganku ke sana. I feel guilty pulang..tapi..yea..Aku doakan semoga dia hidup berbahagia bersama isterinya dan dikurniakan anak-anak yang soleh dan solehah..Amin amin amin...I am happy for him :') One of my ex classmates masa di MS dulu..I think he's the first in my class yang got married..I think..or maybe yang I know saja..

Somehow malam ni I am having mood swings. I just don't know why. Maybe because some people in the house are having mood swings too. Entahlah. Oh yea. Just got a sad news. Izwan Pilus, one of Malaysian young artists, just passed away this afternoon. Lung infection, if I'm not mistaken. Though I don't follow his updates but my heart goes out to his family members and friends. Allah lebih menyayanginya..Semoga roh beliau dicucuri rahmat, Amin~

Tadi I terserempak dengan Aryati kat Centrepoint Food Court! I miss her so much :/ tadi nda sempat cerita panjang. Will hang out dengan dia nanti. Soon~ Batah dah nda jumpa ia. Huhu~ Hm..ok lah. That's all for now. I want to laugh at Jozan's jokes tonight. Hope they'll make me smile, at least.

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