Thursday, January 26, 2012

That Phone Call.

I woke up early today. Just before azan Subuh. I felt so happy and energetic. I even tweeted about it. I greeted my friends and cousin with a happy 'good morning' greet. I was happy. At 8 am, my brother and I went out to shop for our kitchen supplies. And for our cats' food. It was really a happy and bright morning. I felt relaxed and just happy. I just knew everything would turn out perfect today.

We were in front of our house when my hand phone received a call from an unknown number. I answered it. A lady. She told me I was supposed to attend for a job interview. Today. 10 am. And when I looked at my car's digital clock, it said 1 hour to interview. And I was supposed to be there before 10! She asked me whether I had received any news about it and I said, 'no'. Of course I didn't! Because I didn't get any letters or phone calls prior to this date! She told me to refer to the interview section. And I called. This time, a guy answered.

I told him my problem. He told me, "Kami cek rah pejabat pos. Apa masalah durang. Kami antar sudah surat atu on 16th January" And when I asked about any SMS-es, he told me, "Kami menghantar saja SMS atu tapi bukan kami yang operate" My heart was pounding hard. I wanted to cry. I felt like being bullied by them. I asked him what to do. He told me to write a letter to their secretary about this matter and said "Ada kami telipun tu kalau kana pertimbangkan". I was like, "Ok, terima kasih".

As soon as I hanged up the phone, I almost broke down crying. What if that was my only chance to get that job? What if someone else took the job...? What if...? I was not thinking straight. I typed out the letter as soon as I hanged up the phone. And it's done now. Waiting to be printed. But then...after a few minutes of thinking and arguing with myself, I suddenly felt cooled down. I felt calm. Somehow. And there's a voice inside me telling me to relax. And I'm thinking, if the letter I'll send is not accepted, then, I should be happy. It means, that job is not meant for me. And if they consider it still, I should be happy too. Because I have a chance to prove that I can be their best candidate. And that job might be mine.

And now, I have my happy feeling back :) Yea, this is something I can't control. It wasn't my fault anyway. So, why sad? If it's meant for me, then it will come. If not, then, I don't deserve that job. It means I deserve a better job. And they lost. Because I might be just that person they were looking for. Thank you God for helping me. I know, You are giving me something good. And I believe that. I won't let that moment ruin my day.

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  1. Yes true!! but on their side, they shud fix this thing ... huhu. klw surat nda smpy and they can give an excuse tp sms pun ndakan kebetulan tia jua nda smpy huhu, anyhow, i got this quote for you madu!!

    "Tidak Akan Meluap Ombak LauT Sampai Membahayakan
    Hanya Kerana Lemparan Kerikil Seorang Budak KeciL" (La Tahzan, Dr.Aidh) :DDD

    1. Thanks for the quote sugar :) I love it! Yea, I hope they do..ntah eh.weird rasaku.nada both SMS and surat kna antar.. :/ aunt said, 'ada hikmah di sebaliknya tu'. ah well, tadi aku ter-nangis bah sekajap mikirkan sal ani.ehe :p but now, im fine.