Tuesday, December 24, 2013

My final exam results!

Hi! It's Christmas eve and one year ago, I spent tonight at the Pavilion, KL, enjoying the merry crowds and different kinds of musical performance. It was indeed a wonderful experience. Although I don't celebrate Christmas, but witnessing the celebration makes me feel alive. It makes me realise that this world is indeed a beautiful place to live in. And 3 years ago, at this very night, my siblings and I went to the Empire Hotel to join the crowds and witnessed the merry celebration of Christmas...cookies...elves...snow... :) We just love celebrations and the merry feelings they give. And this year, none. 

However, I did get my final exam results this afternoon. It was GPA 3.63! Just as I expected ^_^ And my CGPA is 3.63 as well. Heheheh~ Manakan tidaknya, 3 semester berturut-turut, sama GPA! Isn't it wonderful? I've tried my best to improve my results but hey, that's all I could. Tapi, it is still an excellent result though! :D :D I am so happy~! Rasa macam tak percaya bila difikirkan... I have completed my Master! 3 semesters and I survived well! Wow.... Perancangan-Nya memang sempurna. Tiada celanya dan memang tepat pada waktunya. Just perfect. Just nice. I am so happy ^_^ I shared my happiness with my parents, my sibs, Kak Nida, Elda and my coursemates! :D :D Now I really understand that feeling of accomplishment. It's so beautiful~ :') 

Guess what? The video made by Mamee Chef sewaktu kami dijemput hadir menyaksikan rehearsal Teater Bahayanya Wanita is sooooo awesome that I myself is amazed! Malu, excited, happy, bangga, semua feeling bercampur baur when I watched this video. Hehehe~ Apapun, it was really a wonderful experience! Thank you Mamee Chef! Check it out! --> Rehearsal Teater Bahayanya Wanita di Istana Budaya

One week and it's 2014. I will do another post to review my 2013 journey ;) Good night!

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