Friday, January 17, 2014

Cos' he's an awesome brother.

Hello! Januari sudah sampai di pertengahan and I feel like it’s June already. I guess I can’t wait for my graduation to take place! Though it’s 7 to 8 months away but I am so excited for it! OMG, it’s gonna be the most awesome day of my life for this year! Aaaaahh!! Can’t wait!!  :D :D :D

Kelmarin pagi kan, I was surprised by Zizan. Bukannya apa…his words tu yang buat aku ter-touched. Dia ada comment the pic yang I designed at our ZTF’s IG and kak Nida’s IG. Wah… That came straight from his heart, you know. Heheheh~  I’m so touched :’D I love you Zizan. I love you as a brother. Though kadang-kadang ada ups-and-downs, tapi I still love you brother. I really do. I am so lucky to know you. And tadi pagi pun dia buat surprise jugak :) Love you bro.. ! My prayers are always with you Zizan ^_^ Semoga success will always be with you. Hope to see you again soon! Ok, tu je. Hehe~ Just writing this down as a record and just to say that I love Zizan just the way he is. Once a brother, will always be a brother.