Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Baby Irah

We were walking side by side towards the front door when Baby Irah said, "Tani pinjam rumah Nini Iyop". I was stunned for a second when my 3 year old cousin mentioned our late Nini Laki's name. We just came home from kedai runcit to buy groceries. Then I asked her, "Nini Iyop mana, baby?" Just testing what would her response be. And then she said, "Nini Iyop jalan syurga. Nanti Kaka pun jalan syurga, jumpa nini" I was struck at heart and said "" I held back my tears...and just smiled, looking at Baby Irah. Her innocent and cute face made me feel calm at heart. I really miss you Nini...

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