Sunday, February 25, 2018

Allah is the best helper of all

It was quite a hot afternoon ad it was a Friday. My family and I just left our house to go next door, to our new neighbor's house to attend a doa selamat function. I was informed earlier by my dad that the function was for our neighbour's son who recently was discharged from the hospital after almost three months being admitted. 

As soon as we arrived, we were greeted by one of their relatives who ushered us to our seats. It was only our third month after moving into this neighbourhood, so we did not see many familiar faces. The attendees were mostly my neighbour's family members and his son's friends. A few minutes after berdikir was done by a group of elderly men inside the house, we saw a young and good looking man stepped out of the house with a walking frame, slowly and carefully making his way out towards the guests. The young man, of age approximately mid 20's, at first looked down, and then as we watched him walking down the verandah, he looked up and scanned all the guests briefly. It was at that instant I felt heavy in my heart. I held my tears back. I couldn't imagine how fragile he was during his moments at the hospital. His mother informed us that he was at the ICU for two months plus and it started from him only being ill and feverish. I was feeling so deeply touched just by looking at his face, sending that calm feeling throughout me. And all I could say in my heart was,"Alhamdulillah, ya Allah, You gave him another chance in his life." As he made his way towards us, guests quickly stood up and approached him to give him blessings, doa and menabur bunga rampai. I saw a few mothers and aunts had tears in their eyes. It was really a miracle for him to be able to walk again after spending days and months in bed. He stood near the verandah next to his family members, holding his walking frame, giving chances for the guests to greet him and menabur bunga rampai. As he stood there, I watched his face, studying his emotions. I could see the determination and strength in his eyes, and he tried his best to smile and talk to those who approached him, though he looked quite weak. Quietly, I felt so proud of him. He managed to come back strong and fought hard against his illness which almost took away his life (at that moment, I was not sure what exactly he was diagnosed as). It was really a real miracle happened in front of our eyes and it was a real survivor life story. 'This young man must have a strong heart to have gone through this trial in his life,' I thought. And I secretly admired his determination. After the menabur bunga rampai  session was done, he slowly turned around and made his way back into the house to give way for the guests to eat.

Another moment that made me feel so deeply touched by this young man's gesture was when he actually sat and had his foods at the verandah, while facing all the guests during the eating time. I was not sure whether it was his wish or was it his parents' wish (which I doubted) for him to sit at the verandah but to me, it was really a touching act to do. He could actually had his foods inside the house for his own comfort but then, he chose to eat outside, together with the rest of the guests. 'Maybe he wanted to have his time with the guests,' I thought. And I instantly concluded, 'He must be a really good man with a good heart' :')  

After the event, we went back straightaway. That afternoon, I had a deep thought about my life and what I have gone through and I related it with the young man's life. Though we have totally different life struggles, but there is one common goal: To never give up on Allah's help and to live life fully. My neighbour's doa selamat event opened up my eyes and heart wider to accept my current life situation. There are still other people who suffer more than me. And lately,  I realized, I have not been grateful with my life. I have been quite unhappy with myself and I got agitated and irritated easily. I tried to find out the cause and it rooted back to my current job. I think I am still adjusting myself with the new work environment though it's already six months since I started. And I keep reminding myself, "Allah will never burden me more than I can bear". From there on, I decided I must change myself from the inside. I really hope I will get back on track after this, in sya Allah, for Allah is the best helper of all.

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