Thursday, July 17, 2014

Lisa's words

"We cannot replace the time we have lost. Many people do not realise that. Spend your time wisely with the people you love before you lose them" These were the words I got from Lisa, translated in English (cos' I just can't remember the exact Malay words she used. But she said something like that, as how my brain can recall them). It's been a long time since I last spent my time watching TV and really pamper myself, so this afternoon I decided to watch any random TV channels, just to entertain myself. And there it was, a small interview with Lisa and that was when she talked about spending quality time with your loved ones. Though it was just a simple advice, her words really went deep down into my heart and soul...

Ok, let's ask ourselves these questions:
What have we done so far? Have we done enough to help others? Have we done enough to make our parents happy? Have we done enough to prepare ourselves for the future? Have we invested in our time properly towards achieving our goals in life?  Have we done enough to obtain His blessings? Have we done enough to stay healthy? etc. etc.

I can go on listing all the questions that I have in mind (and I am sure you have more than what I have right now). So, my question is, have we really invested in our time properly? Each and every one of us has a unique amount of time given to us and it is up to us to spend on it wisely. I remember a friend told me, "If only we could buy time with money". I actually laughed at his statement cos' I found it too funny (yeah, he was cracking a joke at that time). But then, when I think about it again, I now realise that time is way too precious and more valuable than money, and yet, many of us waste our time without us even realising it. I feel bad now :,[ Guilty of wasting a lot of time in my life when I actually can do a lot of good and useful things.

Let's just appreciate the time we have right now. Appreciate love, appreciate all the kindness around us, appreciate each and every breath we have (because at this moment, someone, somewhere is having his/her last breath), appreciate all the good and bad things we've had (bad things teach us good lessons).  Ok? So, I'll end tonight's post with this hadith:

“Rasulullah SAW said: 
Take advantage of five things before five others happen: 
your youth before you grow old; 
your health before you fall sick; 
your money before you become poor; 
your leisure before you become busy, and 
your life before you die.” [Tirmidhi]

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  1. Time is of the essence..

    did you hear about the breakfast prayer..

    Take Care